Personnel Policy

Selection Like Clothes

We choose our employee  for the company just like people choose their clothes, it is suppose to be "right size, suitable ". Right people for the right postion. A great talent for a petty job is gone to waste; A  incompetent  for a important position is gone to bungle.


Using Like Dishware

The famous and wise emperor of the Tang dynasty Lee ShiMing was side"Use people just like using the dishware, it is depend on what your good at". Plate is for dish and bowl is for rice or soup. Our policy is to find out your advantage and capability, to set up a good team, enhance the working efficiency, achieve a accomplishments that " manage the company human resource just like cooking a delicious soup".


Training Like Rain

"A mistlike rain came to the ground in the midnight with the small wind, drizzled the natures silently", we suppose the training just the spring rain to the earth, we help  all our employee to progress in very detail of work, to learn the ability to learn, to achieve a win-win situation with the company development.


Retain Like Old Wine

We hope the right one could keep stay with us not only by a good salary and emotion,but also we provide a profit share policy, as long as you are the talent, please don’t worry about that no one would find you and give you a chance. ShunKing Park is always  where you could find and success yourself.