Ultrathin aluminum alloy die-casting technology 

 Registered Tooling Design Patent No201120322169.0

0.55mm Ultrathin AL- Alloy Casting

1.Broken the current  restricted rules of  diecasting industry, originally using the global unique“Multi- spill-point Injection Gate ”tooling design  technology,  achieved  perfect die casting forming 0.50mm ~ 0.55mm thickness with projection area 150mm×180mm, break the world  record that “0.8mm is the minimum thic-kness for functional surface due to the limit of diecas-ting aluminum alloy's crystal structure ”.

2.Developed a new space for ultrathin aluminum alloy diecasting technology, let the dreams of diecasting alu-minum alloy using for the outer shell of lap-top and other portable Electronic device comes true.