Die casting Clutch Patent

ShunKing Diecast Mould Clutch Patent

Registered Patent NO: 201120322198.7

The ShunKing "clutch" used an unique and flexible mechanical structure,by a special design and using of wedge block, it is abandoned the violent collide, achieved a permanent smoothly open and close process of the tooling during the diecasting production.

Compare to the traditional Clutch "Tooling Close Device "

The "Tooling Close Device" has used almost a century and it is called "KouJi" in HongKong during the tooling open and close process,  it is using the spring and roller to get a tight friction with the concave block, that is very frequently to broken. Besides, due to that's is very difficult (or even impossible) to control the devices (1 tooling use 4 pieces)  to get a same friction, so "non synchronous" always can not be solved , and we can it is a not a good design which doomed to failure.

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